• Rotisserie Chicken-Display Ready Packaged in Roaster Dome and Tray


    Reproduction  Rotisserie Chicken

    These birds will make your mouth water.

    Created by using real 3 pound chickens for the molds it is easy to see how authentic they are.

    Glazed and seasoned for a “fresh from the rotisserie” visual appeal.

    Light weight

    Multiple use



    Ready to display in Anchor Packaging Premium Chicken Roaster.

    Replica chickens measure 8"x 6"x4.5"

    Read More About the History of Rotisserie Chickens

    Rotisserie chickens have are a recent entry into the supermarket and restaurant scene in the US, but the method of cooking goes back to midevil times.  Learn more at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotisserie 

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    As with all roasters in the Nature’s Best series, the wide unobstructed panels of the dome lid combined with anti-fog technology drive impulse sales of whole roasted chickens from the hot case.  The leak-resistant closure on the classic black base prevents messy spills and provides the consumer with a table-ready serving platter requiring no re-plating.

    Available in three sizes, the new, small roaster for 1 – 1 ½ lb. whole chickens, joins the large Nature’s Best Roaster for 2-3 lb. birds.  In addition to the roaster dome, Anchor offers a shallower dome as the perfect option for half chickens, turkey breasts, pot roasts, and other main course entrees.

    Bases are made with 40% natural mineral additives in place of oil-based resin, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. The durable polypropylene lids will not crack or warp like polystyrene lids.  Nature’s Best Roasters offer high temperature performance to withstand temperatures to 230°F in warming units, heat lamps, and microwaves.  Lid and base are both reusable and eligible for recycling.

    Item # 400403


    We use only non-toxic, lead free, latex free materials to manufacture our replica products.

    Products should only be used with ADULT supervision