Replica Donut Stacking Game


Replica Donut Stacking Game

This game just premiered at InterActivity 2017 and was a HUGE hit.

See who can stack their donuts the highest.

Click here to see a game being played

Game includes 36 Replica Donuts, a Digital Timer and the Official Donut Stacking Rules.

 Replica Donut Stacking Rules

You have 15 Seconds to stack as many donuts in a single stack as possible.

At the end of 15 seconds the stack has to stand on it's own for 5 seconds.

Who ever has the most donuts in their stack at the end of the 5  seconds is the winner.

Stack one donut at a time. Pre stacking is not allowed and actually won't help either.

You can use both hands.

No pushing, shoving, or hair pulling allowed.

Trash talking is okay. Just remember this is a family friendly game.

When the time keeper says "go" she/he will push the start button on the timer.

When the timer beeps the time keeper says "hands off" the time keeper then watches the timer count up for 5 seconds at that point the time keeper pushes the stop button on the timer.

Just like real donuts no two replica donuts are exactly the same. Each donut has it's own unique characteristics


If using this game as an activity at a party or a fund raising event keep track of each person's best stack during the event. At the end of the event the person with the highest total is the Grand Champion. In the event of a tie do a head to head stack off to determine the Champion.


This game is great for all ages. You might want to adjust the amount of time allowed dependent on the age of the players.


Additional Donuts are available at

Donuts are made with a Flexible Polyurethane and coated with a flexible epoxy.

Donuts are dishwasher safe,

Donuts are made in the USA

Timer is a timer

Timer is NOT dishwasher safe

 Box is 12"x 12"x 6"

Weight 6.8lbs