• Juice Jug, (32 Ounce Quart)


    Reproduction Fresh Pressed Orange Juice Bottles

    Labels available please contact us at Loren@rjandassociates.net for a quote
    Bottles are filled with a flexible polyurethane foam that makes them crush resistant. 
    Click here for video of the Crush Test

    Now you can fill your juice case with colorful, true to life fresh pressed juice bottle reproductions.

    These realistic true to form bottles portray quart juice bottle standards.

    Attractive & colorful

    Multiple use



    Cap tightly sealed with heavy duty hot glue

    6"x 3.5" x 3.5"

    Quick to set and pack up in minutes.

    Natural HDPE beverage container

    We use the same bottles that the dairies use.

    Small private label with your logo available.

    Item # 101123 


    We use only non-toxic, lead free, latex free materials to manufacture our replica products.

    Products should only be used with ADULT supervision