• BUY 1 32oz Toy Milk Bottle ****GET 2 8oz Toy Drink Bottles FREE****


    Buy 1 32oz Toy Milk Bottle and get 2 8oz Toy Drink Bottles FREE

    Choose from White milk, Orange Juice, Limeade, Chocolate milk, Banana Smoothie and Very Berry Smoothie.

    The perfect gift for every little chef. This is the cutest and most fun pretend eating and cooking toy ever! It's realistic, kid-sized and durable--an endearing toy essential, giving joy to playtime everywhere.

    Handmade in Texas by a career grocer and baker, founder Roxanne loves creating products that provide happiness!

    Reproduction Bottles of Milk and Drinks

    Labels available please contact us at Loren@rjandassociates.net for a quote

    Bottles are filled with a flexible polyurethane that makes them crush resistant.

     Click here for video of the Crush Test

    32oz quart bottle is 6" x 3.5" x 3.5"

    8oz bottle is 4" x2" x2"

    Cap tightly sealed with heavy duty hot glue

    We use the same bottles the dairies use.

    Item # 101001 June 2021 Special Buy


    We use only non-toxic, lead free, latex free materials to manufacture our replica products.

    Products should only be used with ADULT supervision