RJ & Associates was founded as a Visual Merchandising Service and Training company in 1998. We have a combined total of 70+ years in the grocery and baking business.

We have merchandised for Refrigerated Case companies at trade shows and in showrooms. Because most of the cases are not running at trade shows or showrooms we use replica food to build our displays. Over the years we have purchased replica from a number of vendors, some of it has been of fantastic quality some of it not. Many times we could not find the item that we wanted so we started to make our own. This store was developed to share what we have created.

We have also found that many companies that attend trade shows do not merchandise their cases or fixtures. Sometimes because they have a limited budget and limited time, sometimes because they don’t know where to begin. It is with that in mind that we have developed Do It Yourself Merchandising Kits.

What else is different about RJ & Associates? You will find with most replica food vendors/manufacturers they sell individual pieces but no packaging. We provide you with several choices of packaging as well as display suggestions.

Most of what we offer is handcrafted in Livingston, TX and most is produced by order, giving us the flexibility to meet your specific needs.

We are happy to do custom work, just tell us what you want.

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